Closer to Synth Pop

Track title Artist Genre BPM Time Versions
Live For Now
YUKO feat. Diversity Unity Harmony
YUKO feat. Diversity Unity Harmony Electronic, House 117 03:36 ...
You Got It
Kanoa feat. Mr. Writ3
Kanoa feat. Mr. Writ3 Pop, R&B 114 03:06 ...
Don't You Get It (Remix)
Bukovski feat. Andrea Lopez
Bukovski feat. Andrea Lopez Dance, Pop, Synth Pop 171 02:48 ...
Stir It Up (Remix)
SGRN feat. Mitchell Austin
SGRN feat. Mitchell Austin Dance, Funk 105 02:30 ...
What My Body Can Do
Moushoo feat. Rhiannon Micallef
Moushoo feat. Rhiannon Micallef 80s, Dance, Soul 116 02:41 ...
Another Groove
YUKO feat. STRTWLKR Pop, R&B 106 03:02 ...
Take It Over
Fluwence 80s, Dance, Pop, Synth Pop 80 02:53 ...
No Control
Kanoa feat. Nona Martini
Kanoa feat. Nona Martini Pop 113 03:45 ...
Got Problems
Kraig Rizzle feat. Miguel Torres
Kraig Rizzle feat. Miguel Torres Pop, Synth Pop 115 02:31 ...
Won't You (Remix)
J Mike
J Mike Electronic, Trap 140 02:27 ...
If You Love Me
YUKO feat. Ivy
YUKO feat. Ivy R&B, Soul, Synth Pop 132 03:27 ...

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Only Girl In The World (Remix)
SGRN Dance, Funk 116 03:06 ...
Happy Bitter
Mik Juno
Mik Juno Pop 100 03:31 ...
Someone Special
YUKO feat. Kaymo
YUKO feat. Kaymo Pop, R&B 103 02:53 ...
Kanoa feat. Kris Lee
Kanoa feat. Kris Lee Pop, R&B 82 03:22 ...
Down In California
Kraig Rizzle feat. Aselle Nova
Kraig Rizzle feat. Aselle Nova Dance, EDM 107 03:06 ...
Hold Tight (Remix)
SGRN 80s, Dance, Pop 109 02:53 ...
Pick Up The Phone
AnnieMo Pop, R&B, Soul 86 03:22 ...
Never Felt This Way
Qartyo Pop 116 03:16 ...
Different Space
Kanoa Pop 79 03:31 ...


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