Closer to Electronic

Track title Artist Genre BPM Time Versions
Hear U Callin
BRNM Electronic, Trap 110 02:13 ...
Just Tryna
Qartyo Dance, EDM, House, Pop 105 04:04 ...
It’s Your World (Remix)
SGRN feat. mrfy
SGRN feat. mrfy EDM, Electronic, House 115 03:28 ...
Ride or Die
Kanoa feat. Alley Parton
Kanoa feat. Alley Parton Electronic, House 115 04:29 ...
Forgive and Forget
J Mike
J Mike Dance, EDM, House 119 03:52 ...
Run Away With Me
Veni Midi feat. Mitchell Austin
Veni Midi feat. Mitchell Austin Dance, Pop 150 03:11 ...
Fantasies (Remix)
kuuki feat. Angelica Renee
kuuki feat. Angelica Renee Electronic, Pop 95 03:19 ...
SGRN feat. Meron Mengist
SGRN feat. Meron Mengist Dance, EDM, Electronic 120 02:43 ...
All of the Answers (Remix)
SAMAY feat. Demitri Medina
SAMAY feat. Demitri Medina EDM, Electronic, Future Bass, Trap 72 02:57 ...
Rise Up
Tabletto Dance, Deep House 120 02:28 ...
Peace of Mind
J Mike feat, Aija
J Mike feat, Aija Pop 110 03:05 ...
In Your Eyes
Kanoa feat. Dawn Harght
Kanoa feat. Dawn Harght Pop, R&B, Synth Pop 105 03:53 ...
Fall Down (Remix)
Veni Midi feat. Chandler
Veni Midi feat. Chandler Dance, House, Pop 114 03:17 ...
Touch My Body
SGRN feat. Luna Achiary
SGRN feat. Luna Achiary 80s, Dance, Pop 114 02:36 ...

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Quédate Mas
MAHAMI feat. Marian
MAHAMI feat. Marian Latin, Pop 107 02:44 ...
On The Run
Kanoa feat. Alley Parton
Kanoa feat. Alley Parton Pop 107 03:55 ...
Out of Frame
Qartyo Pop 120 04:25 ...
MAHAMI feat. Rock Lee
MAHAMI feat. Rock Lee Pop, R&B 66 02:58 ...
Until We Die
Veni Midi
Veni Midi Pop, R&B 100 03:09 ...
The Great Escape
Kanoa feat. Dom Dale
Kanoa feat. Dom Dale Pop, Synth Pop 98 03:58 ...


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