Closer to Chillout

Track title Artist Genre BPM Time Versions
Would You Save Me
Qartyo Pop 100 03:17 ...
From The Moon
Dazzle feat. Dawn Harght
Dazzle feat. Dawn Harght Pop 103 02:43 ...
Hope You Know
J Mike feat. Sierra
J Mike feat. Sierra Pop 92 03:02 ...
PNCK feat. Milaro
PNCK feat. Milaro Electronic, Pop 85 03:34 ...
No Control
Kanoa feat. Nona Martini
Kanoa feat. Nona Martini Pop 113 03:45 ...
Keep It In Line
MAHAMI feat. Kevin J
MAHAMI feat. Kevin J Pop, R&B 133 02:57 ...
Qartyo Pop 118 03:48 ...
For The Summer
Kanoa feat. Kiki Haliday
Kanoa feat. Kiki Haliday Electronic, Pop 102 03:46 ...
SGRN feat. Luna Achiary
SGRN feat. Luna Achiary Dance, Disco, Electronic 160 02:50 ...

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Loosing Touch
PNCK feat. Anna Boh
PNCK feat. Anna Boh Pop 126 04:15 ...
Free For The Weekend
Barthvader feat. Dom Dale
Barthvader feat. Dom Dale Pop 95 03:14 ...
The Great Escape
Kanoa feat. Dom Dale
Kanoa feat. Dom Dale Pop, Synth Pop 98 03:58 ...
Catching Feels
J Mike feat. STRTWLKR
J Mike feat. STRTWLKR Pop 110 04:06 ...
Make People Talkin'
PNCK feat. Dawn Harght
PNCK feat. Dawn Harght Pop 111 03:15 ...
Sensation of Love
Fluwence Dance, Pop 106 02:28 ...

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Feels For You
Kanoa Pop 112 04:20 ...
No More
J Mike feat. Alisa J
J Mike feat. Alisa J Pop, R&B 106 02:52 ...
Good Good Love
PNCK feat. STRTWLKR Dance, Electronic, Pop 116 03:24 ...
Kanoa feat. Kris Lee
Kanoa feat. Kris Lee Pop, R&B 82 03:22 ...
Same Old Loop
MAHAMI feat. Alley Parton
MAHAMI feat. Alley Parton Pop 103 02:51 ...


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