Licenses for business.

Looking for a song for an ad, TV or radio program, film, series, game, app, audiobook, social media channel or some other platform?


We offer music that is perfectly adapted to the needs of your business. Our music covers every conceivable genre, mood or emotion.

We have a huge range of search functions so you won’t spend hours looking for the right background music.

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High-quality sound for your video.

With worldwide clearance and unlimited use, our music is ideal for video producers, photographers, vloggers, influencers and podcasters. It can be safely used for all online content including YouTube videos.

Licenses for Artists.

Pitch your art to us and lift your career. We will answer to all your music needs.

Perfect match!

Elevate your creativity and inspire your audience with our music.

Let’s join forces in creating a unique atmosphere in your business!

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