1. Basic information

    • Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

      The Terms and Conditions can be accessed in the footer on our website

    • Where can I find the Privacy Policy?

      The Privacy Policy can be accessed in the footer on our website www.closermusic.com

    • Where can I change my data?

      You can edit your details by logging into your customer account.

    • Where can I withdraw my marketing consent?

      You can change your marketing consent at any time by logging into your customer account.

    • How can I contact the Data Protection Officer at your company?

      You can contact the Data Protection Officer by letter sent to our office address or via e-mail: [email protected]

    • How can I file a complaint about the service?

      Complaints regarding the functioning of the service can be submitted by letter to our office address or via e-mail: [email protected]

  2. Licensing

    • Do I need a license to use your music in my YouTube video?

      Yes. Both YouTube, as well as other platforms may ask you to show proof of your license purchase.

    • Can I buy a license for private use?

      Yes, we license music for both commercial and private use.

    • Can I use your music globally?

      Of course, our music can be used worldwide or in selected countries. It depends on your selected license.

    • Are there any restrictions on the use of a purchased license?

      Yes. You cannot resell the right to use and further distribute our music to third parties. All our works are protected by copyright law.

    • Can I record my own lyrics to your music and release an album under my own name?

      No. All our works are protected by copyright law.

    • How do I purchase a license?

      In order to purchase a license, you need to fill out the form available in the “Licensing” tab or add a song to your shopping cart and fill out the order form. Based on the information provided in the forms, we will prepare an offer for you and then we will sign a contract.

    • Where can I use the music purchased from you?

      You can use our music everywhere: for playing in public spaces, for advertising in public places and media, for games, audio books, software, in social media. Wherever you want, as part of your purchased license.

    • Are there any additional fees involved in using your music besides purchasing a license?

      Yes, in the case of public performances or broadcasts, fees for Collective Management Organizations may apply.

    • Is purchasing a license a complicated process?

      Not at all. We will make you an offer that meets your needs and then we will prepare a short license agreement.

  3. Artistic cooperation

    • How can I establish an artistic cooperation with Closer Music?

      We would like to get to know you. Fill out the form available in the “For Artists” tab.

    • Are you a record company or a publisher?

      We are a company that combines the features of a music company with a publisher.

  4. Catalog

    • How can I browse your catalog?

      You must be logged in to browse our catalog.

    • What kind of music do you have in your catalog?

      We have a very diverse music catalog ranging from EDM Pop to first-rate jazz to suit the different business needs of our partners.

    • Where does the music available in your catalog come from?

      We have created a team of young talented Polish artists who produce high quality songs for us, delivered by talented vocalists from the USA.

    • Can I create a playlist of my favorite songs on your website?

      Of course. In order to create a playlist of your favorite songs, click the heart icon next to the song you like.

    • Do I have to be logged in to add songs to Favorites?

      Yes, you have to be logged in to add songs from our catalog to Favorites.