Direct Music License.

If you look for quality music to be played in a public place without any additional fees, you’ve found the right place!  Direct Music License (DML) is a 100% safe, direct license which guarantees the right to legally play our music in public places without incurring additional fees for ZAiKS, STOART and ZPAV.


Direct Music License isn’t only quality legal music, without risk and additional fees for Collective Management Organizations, but also access to solutions which so far have been available only to the largest corporations. Irrespective of the number of locations, you will find here world-class sounds perfectly adapted to the needs of your business.

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Licenses for business.

Do you need a piece for an ad, TV, film, series, game, app, audiobook, social media channel or another platform?
Our license allows legally safe and unrestricted use for synchronization of a piece from our catalog with an image of an audiovisual work (e.g. feature film, TV commercial) or with voiceover text of an audio work (e.g. radio commercial).

High-quality sound for your video.

We also offer simple solutions which are perfect for vloggers, influencers, podcasters and creators of content for social media. Our music includes all possible genres, moods and emotions. Recordings, mix and mastering mastering are performed at the world-class level in our own recording studios. We have created a team of a dozen or so young and talented composers and music producers. Some of them are instrumentalists, while others have started their bands or cooperate with the best artists in Poland, such as: Dziarma, Catchup, Michał Anioł, Kwiat Jabłoni, Skarby, Vito Bambino, Tymek.

Licenses for Artists.

Let’s get to know each other! Present your works to us, and develop your career. We will meet all of your music needs.

Let’s join forces in creating a unique atmosphere in your business!

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